We’re pleased to announce that our 2023 AGM will be held virtually on Wednesday 31st May at 7:30pm.

What happens at the AGM?
Two key activities happen at the AGM, making it an important date in the Society’s calendar. Members receive updates from the Chair, Treasurer and Business Manager to summarise what’s happened in their areas of responsibility over the past year. Following this a new volunteer committee is elected to serve for the next 12 months.

Who can attend the AGM?
Anyone with an active Society membership can attend the AGM. Memberships that are currently active will expire on 31st May (therefore remain valid on the day of the AGM).

All those with an active membership as of the week commencing 22nd May 2023 will receive the AGM agenda, papers and details of how to connect to the Zoom call.

How do I ensure that I have an active membership?
If you don’t currently hold a paid membership you can make a payment using this link. It will take you to our GoCardless portal where you can make a payment. As with all direct debits, you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee and can cancel your direct debit at any time with your bank or building society.

Society life members need not take any action and will be invited to the AGM automatically.

Can I stand for a committee role?
Yes, absolutely! All committee roles are open to any Society member that wishes to stand for election. If more than one person stands for a particular role then a vote will be held at the AGM to decide who is elected. All nominees need to have a proposer and seconder, both of which need to be current Society members.

We have a maximum of nine committee members as part of our constitution.

If you would like to stand for a role at the AGM please forward emails from your nominator and seconder (both of who need to hold active Society memberships) to secretary@cambridgeoperatic.co.uk no later than Friday 19th May at 5pm. As last year we won’t be accepting nominations during the AGM.

For reference, the people below currently serve on the committee. You are welcome to contact them should you wish to learn more about a role that you’re interested in standing for.

RoleIncumbentContact for further information
ChairAnna Murgatroydchair@cambridgeoperatic.co.uk
TreasurerCaroline Dysontreasurer@cambridgeoperatic.co.uk
Business ManagerSam Fullersam@cambridgeoperatic.co.uk
SecretaryJanice Chamberssecretary@cambridgeoperatic.co.uk
Marketing ManagerSerey Graylingmarketing@cambridgeoperatic.co.uk
General members (Ordinary trustee)Caroline Watson,
Ash Smith,
Jeremy Warbrick
Send an e-mail to
and it will be forwarded to the relevant person.

What does committee work involve?
Committee work is voluntary and members become trustees of the Cambridge Operatic Society Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The committee meets monthly (which has been done both in-person and virtually over the past year) to discuss items relating to how the Society is run.

Individual committee members have responsibilities depending on their role:

RoleWhat’s involved
ChairChairs meetings, has general oversight of all the Society’s activities, leads on negotiating with the Arts Theatre and anyone contracted by the Society.
TreasurerLooks after the Society’s finances by paying invoices, managing the bank accounts, organising the annual audit and presents the accounts at the AGM.
Business ManagerTakes a large role in the planning and management of the annual production. In collaboration with the Chair as lead producer handles liaison with the Arts Theatre, draws up contracts with the creative team and manages the budget for the show.
SecretaryUsually the first point of contact for people interested in joining the Society. Co-ordinates communication within the committee and Society, arranges and minutes meetings and maintains the mailing list. Co-ordinates auditions for the annual production.
Marketing ManagerManages marketing, publicity, social media and promotion of the show and company, working closely with the Arts Theatre.
General memberThere are up to four general positions, and the duties for these may include a Company Manager, who will handle communications between the cast and creative team, a Safeguarding Officer, who will deal with all aspects of managing any children in the show (auditions, licenses etc.), a Fundraiser, whose aim is to raise some funds, a Technical Manager who looks after the website and other communication platforms and a Social Secretary, who will organise social activities (pub visits, theatre trips etc.).

Being a committee member does require commitment, both in terms of time and energy, although it is rewarding and an ideal way to contribute to the success of Cambridge Operatic Society.

You also become a charity trustee, which provides valuable experience of being involved in a charity and a great opportunity to develop associated skills and knowledge, or contribute your existing skills to the Cambridge theatre community.

If you have any queries about any of the above information please contact secretary@cambridgeoperatic.co.uk. We hope you’re able to join us at the AGM and perhaps consider standing for a committee role.